Color Guard

Color Guard 2014

Dover Police Color Guard - 2014
From left to right:  Off. Christopher Pieniazek,  Off. Benjamin Lilyestrom,  Sgt. Mark Collopy,  and Off. Petros Lazos

The Dover Police Color Guard consists of a team of sworn officers who are assigned to participate in various formal ceremonies at community and departmental functions. Color Guard members often volunteer their time in addition to the officer’s regular duties, making this a part-time unit within the police department. Some of the regular functions the Color Guard participates in are the annual City of Dover Christmas Parade, City Council swearing-in ceremonies, funerals, and various posting of colors and community events.


Police Memorial Observation

2009 Police Memorial Day

Dover Police Color Guard at the 2009 Police Memorial Observation. They are to the left of the speaker, NH Attorney General Kelly Ayotte. 

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