City of Dover Warming and Cooling Centers

Warming Centers

Dover's warming centers remain open. A list of the City of Dover's recurring warming centers can be viewed below.

City facilities serve as warming and cooling centers

Several City of Dover facilities serve as warming centers during cold weather and cooling centers during hot weather.

Dover's warming and cooling centers include the McConnell Center, the Public Library and City Hall. These specific public buildings are accessible and welcome those seeking relief from the cold during regular business hours. 

Warming and cooling centers in Dover are also available and accessible anytime at the City's Police Station, located downtown on Chestnut Street, and the City's three fire stations. The Liberty North End Fire Station is located at 262 Sixth St. The Central Fire Station is located at 9-11 Broadway. The South End Fire Station is located at 25 Durham Road.

Warming and Cooling Centers

Need emergency assistance?

In conjunction with the City of Dover's walk-in warming centers located throughout the community, the City's Public Welfare Department is available to coordinate services for those who need and want emergency assistance, including shelter, food and medical care. The Public Welfare Department offices at the McConnell Center are open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., and can be reached by phone at 603-516-6500. For after-hours emergency needs, the public welfare program also remains accessible simply by calling 603-742-4646 or visiting the police or fire stations to request assistance. Police and fire personnel are trained emergency responders and will notify and coordinate with the City's public welfare providers, day or night, getting assistance to those who truly want help. This assistance can include finding available shelter space, day or night, along with transportation, if needed.

Strafford County Extreme Cold Weather Shelter

To further assist with emergency sheltering needs throughout the Tri-City area during extreme cold weather, the Strafford County's Extreme Cold Weather Shelter, located at 276 County Farm Road in Dover, may also open when deemed necessary by area emergency management officials and the Strafford County Commissioners. Should this temporary emergency facility be activated, the City of Dover will share this information via the City's website, via email notifications, social media, and Channel 22. For more information about the Strafford County's Extreme Cold Weather Shelter, including the shelter's operational status, contact 1-857-323-0388.

For more information, contact Dover Fire and Rescue at 603-516-6148. For emergencies, dial 911.